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What They Do When They’re Two! 2-Year-Old Speech Milestones

July 18, 2023

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2-year-old speech milestones

If you have a little one celebrating their second birthday, you know what a spunky, independent, joyful little person they are! So much is happening at this age with all of development and this post will give you a breakdown in milestones specific to speech and language.


  • Follows simple instructions such as: “Put teddy on the table” and “Go and get your ball.”
  • Points to many objects when named
  • Understands smaller parts of items, such as eyebrow, knee, belly button, etc.


  • Says 50-200 words
  • Combines two words together such as “More milk’, “Daddy shoe.”
  • Is understood much of the time by by parents, but may not be understood by others
  • Refers to themselves by name
  • Describes objects, eg: “big ball’, “cold milk’
  • Talk about things that have happened or things that are going to happen,
  • Uses the word “no”
  • Answers simple questions such as, “Where’s Daddy” with a word or gesture.

Play and Social Skills

  • Imitates activities they see around the house such as cooking and cleaning
  • Sings simple songs, such as “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star’‘
  • Builds a tower with four cubes
  • Enjoys simple picture books

When to reach out to a speech therapist:

You know your child best so it’s always best to follow your gut if you have concerns around speech and language development. But here are some things to look for:

  • Using less than 50 words
  • Not pretending with toys
  • Doesn’t seem to understand directions
  • Not pointing
  • Not responding to their name
  • Not making at least 5 different consonants sounds by age 2

What to do if you have concerns about speech and language development:

  1. Reach out to a speech therapist near you: Look for someone who specializes in early speech and language
  2. Reach out to Early Childhood Intervention: ECI is available in every state and provides free speech therapy to those who qualify
  3. Get started with speech therapy strategies at home: Sometimes there are barriers to therapy such as waitlists and it can be helpful to know how to use speech therapy strategies at home so you can start helping your child right away. Check out my course that teaches you exactly how to do it


Primary School Literacy Resources | PLD-Literacy

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